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Whether you need help to reach a healthy weight or want to stop smoking, become more active, get mental health support or even cut down on drinking – your local Healthy Hub is there to help you. 

Read stories from people who have seen positive changes after using their local hubs. Names have been changed to protect their identities.

Natalie's story

Natalie visited her local Healthy Hub just the once when she was feeling low.

Despite working full-time, she was struggling financially and feeling lonely. In that single visit she got new ideas and approaches on how to manage her job situation and felt motivated and excited to start some new classes. 

"I’d reached a point where I was no longer enjoying my job and had no friends or social life.

I popped into the hub and had a lovely chat with Alice about my interests and what I enjoyed doing in my spare time.

We looked through the What’s On Guide and found several activities that interested me."


Alice also suggested some courses for Natalie to broaden her skill set, which might lead to further employment opportunities. This led to Natalie feeling confident enough to talk to her manager about opportunities at work, which could motivate her more.

Natalie was also given some foodbank vouchers and put in touch with Citizen’s Advice in case they could offer additional financial support.


Jenny's story

Jenny is a mother of two and primary carer to her own mother. Sadly, Jenny lost her mother and, whilst she was coping well with day-to-day activities, she struggled with waves of grief and didn’t have any support to help her deal with it.

"When I was caring for my mum, I used to attend cooking sessions for carers run by my local Healthy Hub. I decided to get back in touch with them and see whether they could offer any bereavement support. 

I got a call from Louise and we spoke at length about how I felt. She reassured me support was available and got back in touch again with all the information, encouraging me to follow-up with Mind in Mid Herts, Cruse, Tilehouse Counselling, and the Centre for Healthy Living when I felt ready.

I’m so thankful I found someone I could talk to and, just knowing that if I have any questions or want to talk more, I have my Healthy Hub close by."


Jacqui's story

Jacqui is a carer for her elderly mother. Jacqui's mother lives in a remote village and Jacqui was worried about her, especially as she had depression, anxiety and restricted mobility. Her GP put her in touch with the local Healthy Hub where she spoke to Ric about any additional support that could be offered.

"I was keen for my mum to get as much support in person as possible. I worried her poor mobility was making her very isolated. She has always preferred talking to people face-to-face rather than via the phone. Ric took all these little details on board and advised me Age UK would be happy to visit my mum."

While the family waited for visits to start, Ric explored other services like HILS Active Ageing support, who were also happy to make home visits and help Jacqui’s mum with her mobility, while the Community Navigator service
arranged a wheelchair to get her out and about.

"I’m delighted with all the support we’ve had from our local Healthy Hub. Things are coming together so nicely. Now my mum is getting the support she needs, I’m happy and feel comforted just knowing that."


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